Below are some of the Testimonials given from Tynsy's thankful Customers:

"I leave something at the Wall every year for my brother and this bear will be the best. I would like one from this was his and 2 made from the flag with the fireman on it. I've told all my friends about this so you should be getting more orders. Thanks again so much."
-Michael from Georgia

"It's beautiful. Next I would like to thank Ron for the ministry CD that you sent with the bear. It was truly heartfelt and sincere of you to make that CD and although it has been 11 years since I lost my baby boy, that CD really truly touched us. In a way it was like a refreshment! My husband and I let out a lot of emotions that have been tucked away due to our fast pace life."

"I can't thank you enough for the priority mailing of the "Miracle Bear". Allison is 4 yrs old and misses her PA very much. She has been in therapy and that is why I was so anxious for the bear. I was hoping it would help her heal. She seen the bear and knew it had been made from Pa's shirt. At first she cried , then she kept saying it smelled like his shirt. She loved it and hopefully it will live up to it's name "Miracle Bear".