"Seamstress Tynsy Foster helps mend grieving hearts with the cuddly keepsakes she creates."
- American Profile Magazine

Our Story

About ten years ago, a customer asked me to make a teddy bear out of clothing that belonged to her late husband. Since then we have created more than 1,000 Healing Miracle Bears. Other customers saw the results and the idea took off.

We use our imagination and a variety of materials to create the stuffed bears, which become cherished and huggable mementoes of deceased loved ones.

We are overwhelmed by the stories people tell as they pour their grief in a letter. One such story is the 12 year-old daughter who had been kidnapped and returned to her parents but perished two days later in a house fire. Since than we have shipped bears to 50 states and several countries.

From the beginning, it has been our goal and experience to create Tynsy's Miracle Bears as custom-made, interactive keepsakes which allow individuals to express their grief about losing a loved one close to them or special person in their lives. For example, many of our customers contact us when they experience the loss of a spouse, father, mother, child, grandfather, grandmother, grandchild, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, friend, etc. to have us make them a custom-made Tynsy's Miracle Bears!

Since the start of our ministry in 2000, we have seen or heard about Tynsy's Miracle Bears becoming a personal expression in order to help individuals through the ongoing process of grieving, healing, recovering, and rejuvenation! Featuring their individual stories of grief or loss, our customers often send us personal letters of "Thanks!" and we also receive special photos showing our customers interacting with their new Miracle Bears.

As a way to honor each of our customers who follow-up with us by sending us their personal stories of grief and healing, we keep a special scrapbook for us to remember each individual and their personal stories or comments about the positive effects of Tynsy's Miracle Bears in their lives. As a way to understand the personal benefits, you can also see some of the personal photos or individual comments from people who have purchased our Tynsy's Miracle Bears and with permission we have posted many of them on our website, too!