About the Bears

Tynsy’s Miracle Bears ™ are not just unique stuffed animals! Tynsy’s Miracle Bears ™ are not just personalized! Tynsy’s Miracle Bears ™ are not just collectibles!

Tynsy’s Miracle Bears are interactive to help you or another loved one to heal after a personal tragedy or loss of a family member or friend!

Using “precious cloth” or clothing and materials from your loved one that we receive and provided to us by relatives or customers, each one of Tynsy’s Miracle Bears ™ is custom-made to make a special keepsake for a special loved one who can interact with them to hug, squeeze, hold, and caress this representation of their lost loved ones!

In private or even during public displays, recipients discover that the Tynsy’s Miracle Bears ™ hugs begin and some the necessary tears fall. Whether it happens within days, weeks, months, or even a year – we know each individual finds a time for personal interaction with Tynsy’s Miracle Bears ™ and that often leads to the healing moment(s) that each human needs to find after the loss of a special person, family member or parent, and other loved one.

After a thorough cleaning by the sender, we encourage survivors and/or recipients to send us recognized items of clothing including sweaters, jackets, blouses, shirts, sports team apparel or jerseys, pants or coveralls, scarves, handkerchiefs, etc. worn by the lost loved one in order for us to customize each of the new Tynsy’s Miracle Bears ™.

At Tynsy’s Miracle Bears ™, we work diligently to provide a special, unique personal item that is relevant to our customers and any individual that needs help with their grief and healing! We know that lots of interesting personal insights are experienced by our customers, as well as, some uniquely-positive outcomes are made possible with each of our interactive Tynsy’s Miracle Bears ™. The goal and joy of making our Tynsy’s Miracle Bears ™ is to help each and every person heal from their loss or tragedy – and touch the heart of each person one-at-a-time!